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A planetary mixer is a device used to mix products including adhesives, pharmaceuticals, foods, chemicals, electronics, plastics and pigments.This mixer is ideal for mixing and kneading viscous pastes (up to 6 million centipoise) under atmospheric or vacuum conditions. Capacities range from 1/2-pint through 750 gallons. Many options including jacketing for heating or cooling, vacuum or pressure, vari speed drives, etc. are available.The blades each rotate on their own axes, and at the same time on a common axis, thereby providng complete mixing in a very short timeframe.

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  • Riddhi Pharma Machinery Ltd - Planetary Mixer
    Riddhi Pharma Machinery Ltd
    Salient Features   - Suitable for mechanical mixing of ointments, dry powder or wet hard mass etc.- The unit is provided with stainless steel bowl of suitable capacity with Stainless Steel s ... more Visits: 1053

  • Sams - Planetry Mixer
    Sams Techno Mech Pvt. Ltd.
    Salinet Features- Unit is ideal for intimate blending of materials of different consistencies, viscocities, densities, shapes & proportions, liquid/ solid, solid/solid,& is    achiev ... more Visits: 1037

  • Planetry Mixer
    Promas Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
    Salient Features   - Applications (For Dry & Dough Mixing) Promastm Plm Is An Ideal Mixer For The Products Of Different Viscosities, Densities, Shapes &    Proportions.- Th ... more Visits: 1061

  • Planetary Mixer
    Jaylaxmi Industries - Processing and packagin
    Salient Features        - Planetary Mixers with judicious choice of beater and its speed meet mixing requirements of difficult liquid to liquid, liquid to solid and ... more Visits: 1050

  • Planetary Mixer
    Sehgal Industrial Works
    Salient Features         - GMP Model, Capacity 50 Kgs - 500 Kgs.- Model Motorized Lifting & Manual Lifting. ... more Visits: 952

  • Planetary Mixer
    Pharma Chem Machineries
    Salient Features        - Vaccum jacketed along with homonizer, ideal for mixing of pharmaceutical creams, ointments, cosmetic creams, herbal creams, ceramics,  ... more Visits: 984

  • Three Speed Planetary Mixer
    Techmac Engineering Works
    Salient Features         - Complete in all respects with all contact parts of ss-304,- suitable for mixing,- kneading and emulsifying creams,- ointments,- paste ... more Visits: 951

  • Plantery Mixer
    Ramashary Pharma Equipment
    Salient Features         - The equipment is designed for achieving the agitation feature in the form of platery nature. - For achieving the homogenous mixing th ... more Visits: 1087

  • Planetery Mixer
    Salient Features- Motor   GOA DOUBLE SPEED PLANETARY MIXER (SPECIAL TYPE) M/c complete in all resects with all contact parts of ss-304, with double   speed (960/144rpm) TEFC GOOD QUALIT ... more Visits: 1005

  • Planetary Mixer
    Chitra Pharma Machinery
    Salient Features      - This equipment is basically a mixing assembly where the agitation pattern is of the planetary nature the beater or the agitation assembly rotates  ... more Visits: 1195

  • Planetary Mixer
    S J Pharma Trade Pvt Ltd.
    Salient Features    - Ideal for mixing of Pharmaceutical powders, ointments, creams, lotions, pastes, tooth paste, cosmetics, food and confectioneries, rubber and    rubber co ... more Visits: 1004

  • Planetary Mixer
    General Machinery Company
    Salient Features   - Homogenize mixing of dry powders & wet dough of various ingredients of different viscosities, densities, in different proportions.- Mixing of solid- solid, liquid-so ... more Visits: 1172

  • Planetary Mixer
    Septu india
    Salient Features - 3 Speed gear box for slow medium and fast mixing of various varieties of materials/powders, wet masses and ointments etc. - All contact parts of S.S. 304 quality. - Various des ... more Visits: 986

  • Planetary Mixer
    Vats & Vessels
    Salient Features - Planetary Mixer is a vertical batch mixer ideally suitable for mixing of ointments, paste, cream, dry powders or wet mass. - Planetary Mixer, as name suggests it has planetary ... more Visits: 935

  • Planetary Mixer
    Dynamic Enterprises
    Salient Features - Planetary mixers are designed for mixing ointments, paste, wet mass, cream and dry powders. - The rotation mixer uses gear transmission to drive two impellers rotating in the s ... more Visits: 1001

  • Planetary Mixer
    Jay Pharma Equipments
    Salient Features - Capacities: 60Kg to 1500 Kg- Different Design and Shapes of Mixing Beaters to Suit Particular Mixing Requirements for Wide Variety of Materials- Available GMP Model and V.J.H.S ... more Visits: 952

  • Ankon Engineering - Planetary Mixer
    Ankon Engineering
    Salient Features : -- Ankon light duty planetary mixers are excellent for mixing ointments, pastes oil based powder and highly viscous products.- The machine can also be provided with electrical heati ... more Visits: 1131

    Akshar Engineering Works
    Salient Features : -- All contact parts-AISI-304, 304L or 316L- Jacketed bowls can be provided for heating/ cooling of products during mixing- Bowl mounted on castor wheels for easy mobility- Provisio ... more Visits: 786

  • Fenix - Motorised Shear Mixer
    Fenix Process Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
    Salient Features - Fenix FX SHEARMIX range of mixers are based on the concept of mixing head for intense shear of ingredients. This mixer has a separate chamber at     the bottom t ... more Visits: 1151

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