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Planetary Mixer’s are suitable for mixing of ointments, inks, sauces, pastes, foam, used in the Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical and allied Industries. In Planetary Mixer’s the mixing blades revolve in opposite direction to sweep the entire circumference of the vessel as well as rotate around its own axis. Intimate mixing is achieved in short intervals. In Planetary Mixer’s the mixing elements are raised vertically by an electric or hydraulic lifting or lowering arrangement. Mixing elements can be cleaned completely with vessel removed or by rotating the blades in the vessel loaded with solvent. Planetary Mixer’s are provided with high speed emulsifier in the centre for thorough mixing of the mass, homogeneous and intensive mixing due to the typical ex-centric movement of the product which is created by the ex-centric position of the mixer-arm in relation to the centre of the bowl. Planetary Mixer’s are made of high quality stainless steel, in accordance with the cGMP norms.

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  • Tapasya - Planetory Mixer
    Tapasya Engineering works Pvt Ltd
    Description- Planetary Mixer is ideal for mixing of wet/dry materials. It has a homogenous mixing action. - The planetary motion of the beater enables faster and better mixing of material at a conside ... more Visits: 2058

  • Reva Pharma Machinery - Planetary Mixer
    Reva Pharma Machinery
    Salient Features          - GMP Model Suitable for mechanical mixing of ointments, dry powder or wet hard mass etc. - The unit is provided with stainless steel bowl of suitable capacity with Stainless ... more Visits: 1315

  • Planetary Mixer
    Mec-Well Pharma Engineers
    Salient Features      - Planetary Mixer is a ertical batch mixer ideally suitable for mixing of ointment, paste, cream, dry powders or wet mass.- Planetary Mixer, as name sugg ... more Visits: 1093

  • Planetary Mixer
    Millennium Industries
    Salient Features - Is ideal mixer for mixing of wet/dry materials. It has a homogeneous mixing action.- The planetary motion of the beater enables faster and better mixing of materials at a ... more Visits: 1027

  • Rotary Mixer
    Promas Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
    Salient Features - All contact parts-AISI -304 or 316,304L or 316L.- Jacketed mixers are provided for heating of products during mixing.- Provision to mix / blend the viscous products under  ... more Visits: 1086

  • Planetary Mixer
    Mark Maker Pharma Engineering
    Salient Features- Planetary Mixer is ideal for mixing of wet/dry material, ithas a homogeneous mixing action. - The planetary motion of the beaterenables faster and better mixing of material in consid ... more Visits: 894

  • Planetary Mixer
    Mark Maker Pharma Engineering
    Salient Features- All contact parts of the mixing bowl and beater are made out of S.S 304 material or S.S 316as per requirements.- Scrapping blades can also be provided if required- The mixing bowl ca ... more Visits: 1013

  • Planetary Mixer
    siddhi pharma equipment
    We are a very enormous name of the industry for delivering a wide rangeof Planetary Mixer to our esteemed customers. The planetary motion ofvarious beater enables faster mixing of material in lesser t ... more Visits: 830

  • Vaibhav Industries - Planetory Mixer
    Vaibhav Industries
    Different Design & shapes of Mixing. Beaters to suit particular mixing.Requirement for Gelatine / powder of Ointment. Contra Anchor withScrapper are provided for better mixing ( Optional ). Lower ... more Visits: 605

  • Planetary Mixer
    Grovers International
    Salient Features   - Planetary Mixers are used for dry mixing and dough mixing.- The homogenous mixing af various lngredients of different densities in different proportions for solid/solid, ... more Visits: 1163

  • Sams - Planetary Mixer
    Sams Techno Mech Pvt. Ltd.
    Salient Features- Unit is ideal for intimate blending of materials of different consistencies, viscocities, densities, shapes & proportions, liquid/ solid, solid/solid,& is   achieve ... more Visits: 1384

  • Planetary Mixer
    Paresh Enginnering Co.
    Salient Features   - Bowl will be jacketed for heating or cooling.- Mixer can be designed to operate under vacuum to avoid air entrapment in product    during mixing.- The bow ... more Visits: 1045

  • Planetary Mixer
    Electrolab India Pvt. Ltd.
    Salient Features    - The mixing bowl can be easily retracted from the machine for washing, cleaning and transporting mixed materials.- Machine can be operated on two speeds.- Jacketed ... more Visits: 1093

  • Planetary Mixer
    Vihar Engineering
    Salient Features   - Vacuum type planetary mixers are designed for mixing ointments, paste, wet mass, cream and dry powders. The rotation mixer uses   gear transmission to drive two imp ... more Visits: 958

  • Planetary Mixer
    Niro Pharma Systems / GEA Pharma
    Salient Features   - The MPH range planetary mixers by Collete (part of GEA Pharma Systems Group) is built to comply with pharmaceutical cGMP - Standard    and is recognised b ... more Visits: 933

  • Pharmaseals - Planetary Mixer
    Salient Features           - We are the one stop destination for you. - We furnish Double Planetary Mixer that is utilized for dough mixing as well as ... more Visits: 962

  • Planetary Mixer
    Multi Engineering Services
    Salient Features   - The bowl fits tightly enough so that mixing can be achieved under Vacuum or pressure for Deaeration. - All contact parts are made up of SS-316/SS-304. - Electrical ... more Visits: 953

  • Planetary Mixer
    Smita Industries
    Salient Features   - Although new technologies like single-pot processing are becoming more and more important in pharmaceutical industry, the planetary   mixer is still often used for ... more Visits: 937

  • Planetary Mixer
    Srinidhi Engineers, Mumbai
    Salinet Features- Vessel- Cylindrical with welded bottom dish and flanged top dish.- It is provided with 3 castor wheels for moving necessary nozzles are provided on top dish and vessel.- Top dish is ... more Visits: 872

  • Planetary Mixers
    Kwality Engineering Corporation
    Salient Features - We offer wide range of planetary mixer for cosmetic industry which are obtainable in different specifications and capacities.- With excellent deaeration, these mixer prevent th ... more Visits: 1092

  • Planetary Mixer
    Sunrise Process Equipments
    Salient Features     - For the processing of sensitive & hazardous heterogeneous compositions containing low to medium viscosity resins/ binders & various dried   part ... more Visits: 949

  • Neja - Planatery Mixer(PLM)
    Neja Pharma Equipment
    Applications - PLM is an ideal for the products fo different viscosities, densities, shapes & proportions. The major use includes the production of latexes,     adhesives, pers ... more Visits: 1085

  • Planetary Mixer
    Sunmach Machinery
    Salient Features       - Product bowl mounted on castor wheels for easy portability, washing, & transporting mixed materials.- Choice of different designed of beaters ... more Visits: 1185

  • Planetary Mixer
    Technic Pharma
    Salient Features     - This equipment is basically a mixing assembly where the agitation pattern is of the planetary nature The beater or the agitation assembly rotate around ... more Visits: 1072

  • Planetary Mixer
    Chemac Equipments Pvt. Ltd.
    Salient Features          - Higher shear rates. Dispersing low density solids. Liquid  solids dispersions. Main container mounted on castor wheels for ... more Visits: 1109

  • Planetary Mixer
    Karishma Pharma Machines
    Salient Features     - This mixer is designed to be used as a mixing for pastes ointments & creams. It can also be used for wet powders. This mixer is provided   with ... more Visits: 1011

  • Planetary mixer
    Mary Engineering Works
     Salient Features   - We are recognized amongst the most dependable Planetary Mixer Manufacturers and Suppliers in India.- The unmatched quality and inexplicable performance o ... more Visits: 943

  • Planetry Mixer
    Gem Pharma Machineries
    Salient Features        - This equipment is basically a mixing assembly where the agitation - pattern is of the planetary nature The beater or the agitation assembly ... more Visits: 1203

  • Planetry Mixer
    Shakti Pharmatech Pvt. Ltd.
    Salient Features         - Planetary Vacuum jacketed is used for mixing of pharmaceutical creams, ointments, cosmetic creams, herbal creams, ceramics,   ad ... more Visits: 985

  • Geberix - Planetary Mixer
    Geberix Machinery
    General Specification - S.S. 316 cylindrical bowl with torrispherical dished bottom with inside surface polished to smooth finish. SS Jacket on cylindrical and torrispherical    area, t ... more Visits: 983

  • Planetary Mixer
    Bectochem Conslt & Engr. Pvt. Ltd.
    Salient Features- Hundreds of Planetary Mixers are at work today on process lines   across the world, producing vast quantities of products and handling   materials   fro ... more Visits: 1107

  • Pharmaceutical Mixer
    Mary Engineering Works
    Salient Features   - If you are in search of superb quality pharmaceutical mixer, then we are the perfect destination for you. Finding various applications in pharmaceutical   industry, ... more Visits: 1019

  • Planetary Mixer
    Vilas Engineering Works
    - Equipment ideally suitable for thorough mixing of ointments, creams, lotions, toothpastes, pharmaceutical creams, cosmetic creams, ceramics,  colour pigments, ink pastes, compounds, adhesi ... more Visits: 922

  • Planetary Mixer
    M/s. Pharma Access
    Salient Features                   - Product bowl mounted on castor wheels for easy portability, washing & ... more Visits: 910

  • Fenix - Static Mixers
    Fenix Process Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
    Salient Features - The components to be mixed are pumped at the inlet of the mixing unit containing static mixing elements.- Due to the construction of the mixing elements, the fluids are directe ... more Visits: 1160

  • Planetary Mixer GMP
    Mevish Engineering Works
    Salient Features - We offer our range of planetary mixer GPM, which provided in following specifications.- Model - std / gmp / sliding type / screw type • moc - s. S. 304 q. / 316 q. • drive - 3 ... more Visits: 969

  • Planetary mixers

    Salient Feature       - Available with & without jacket       - Suitable for mechanical mixing of dry powders or wet mass etc. &nbs ... more Visits: 610

  • Planetary Mixer
    Mark Maker Pharma Engineering
    Salient Features  - All contact parts of the mixing bowl and beater are made out of S.S 304 material or S.S 316as per requirements. Scrapping blades can also be    provided if ... more Visits: 710

  • Planetary Mixer
    HAV Engineers
    Salient Features         - This equipment is basically a mixing assembly where the agitation pattern is of the planetary nature The beater or the   agitati ... more Visits: 1096

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