On - Line Micronizers [1]

On - Line Micronizers processes a countless variety of materials throughout the food, chemical, ceramic, mineral, and pharmaceutical industries. On - Line Micronizers grind and classifies powders to micron and sub-micron sizes in a single operation – in a single grinding chamber. On - Line Micronizers High-speed rotation subjects material to particle-on-particle impact reduction. Centrifugal force holds larger particles in the grinding area while centripetal force drives preselected sized fines toward the centre for discharge. On - Line Micronizers combine high performance and dependability with efficient, effective one-step grinding and classifying operation with no media or lubricant contamination.

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  • On-Line Micronizer
    Chemac Equipments Pvt. Ltd.
    Salient Features     - The jet mill nozzles create the supersonic spiral and to transmit a deep acceleration, as well as kinetic energy, to the product particles to   be micro ... more Visits: 1294

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