Linear Washing [19]

The Automatic Linear Tunnel type Bottle Washing Machine is suitable for Round as well as Flat Shaped Glass, PET and Plastic Bottles. Linear Bottle Washing Machine is constructed in fully Stainless Steel finish including the main frame structure. All parts coming in contact with Washing Zone and Jets are made from SS 316 Materials taking into consideration all aspects of sanitation and consequences complying with the pharmaceutical G.M.P. requirements.. Linear Bottle Washing Machine has various customised options for washing sequence. Washing process takes place with Five different Washing Zones each with 10 nozzles for optimum washing. Linear Bottle Washing Machine is equipped with external washing of Bottles. The automatic loading arrangement facilitates loading of bottles on to SS wire mesh conveyer through feed conveyor or bottles are pushed manually from feed table. The automatic unloading mechanism consists of unloading bottle on to a wire mesh conveyor which continues on to turn table.

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