Leak Check Machine [6]

Leak Check Machines successfully detect micro-leaks in all types of containers. Leak Check Machines detects micro-leaks in plastic containers, filled and sealed ampoules and vials, BFS, blisters, lyophilised vials and syringes. In Leak Check Machines the products are tested for leaks and also visually inspected for foreign particles and cosmetic defects using sophisticated software and CCD cameras. Leak Check Machines are equipped with cameras to perform particle, level and cosmetic inspection. The containers are inserted into a chamber whereby they are tested by applying vacuum. High end sophisticated Leak Check Machines are also equipped with software based on SCADA through which the pressure pattern can be recorded, analysed and compared to a pre-set pattern, thus indicating if the container is good or faulty. The same container is then spinned and stopped and is checked for any particles in the product, for cracks and for the fill level. Leak Check Machines are also used to leak test pre-filled syringes.

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