Holograms Applicators / Sticking Equipment [2]

hologram applicator is a device used to apply labels faster and more accurately. The hologram applicator could be a hand held model or a piece of automated equipment used for high speed application. The hologram incorporates a coded electronic access system combined with electronic key operation to provide a totally secure system. The secure lockable housing prevents access to the foil other than by authorised key holders. A clear window incorporated in the guard allows the operator to view the foil operation. There is a non re-settable audit meter to record daily use. The foiling head allows an A4 sheet to be foiled in any position when using a standard die. Side and front lays assist the operator with accurate positioning of the sheet. Foil changes are made simple with an easily followed foil webbing path. A digital amplifier shows the operator when the foil is feeding correctly and reading the image mark. The fibre optic is positioned next to the die to read the mark of the image it is stamping for exact register. Adjustable temperature setting to suit different foils and papers. A unique die mounting system allows an easy change of dies. Unlike other units on the market the die mounting system allows users to purchase standard lower cost copper or mag-zinc alloy dies.

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