Form Fill Seal Machine - (Horizontal) [15]

Form Fill Seal Machine - (Horizontal) are commonly used for packaging block-shaped products such as chunks of cheese, cheese slices or various products that are contained in a tray such as cookies and crackers in Packages or Pouches like Pillow Bag / Pillow with zipper / Slider or Press-to-close. The package or Pouch is formed of a flat sheet of plastic film onto which the product is deposited. One or both side portions of the sheet are wrapped over the product, the sheet side edges are sealed together and transverse seals are formed to complete the package / Pouch of the product. Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine can also be provided with a fitment such as a spout or a zipper and a tamper evident seal inboard of the zipper. A zipper is provided for the package / Pouch between the sheet edges or in a fold formed in the film in order to render the package / Pouch re closable after it is initially opened through the zipper. The packages / Pouches formed on Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines are generally tightly pulled over the product during the wrapping operation for package aesthetics and in order to maintain constant width for the final packages. Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines are built to withstand severe operating environments and stringent sanitation procedures. Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines have the ability to produce a variety of package / pouch types including Flexible Packaging, Foil-Foil Packaging, Semi-Rigid Packaging, Rigid Packaging, Ambient Packaging, Vacuum Packaging, Modified Atmosphere Package (MAP), Re closable Packaging for consumer Products like Food / Cheese / Convenience Foods / Fresh Meats / Pork / Poultry / Prepared Meals / Processed Meats / Red Meat / Seafood and Medical Devices.

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