Fluid Bed Dryer [110]

Fluid Bed Dryers are most widely used for drying pharmaceutical powders and granulation. In FBD there is direct contact between particles and any type of inert air/gas. The fluid bed drying operates under the principle of direct drying where direct contact between a heated gas/air and the product occur to effect heat and mass transfer. The hot air/gas used for drying can be generated by either steam coils or a combustion furnace. The holes in the perforated plate are covered with caps that prevent material from entering the plenum when the dryer is not in operation. The fan equipped in the upper part of the apparatus induces fluidizing air stream. Fluid bed dryers can withstand extremely high temperatures, providing the potential for calcining. The width of dryer ranges from 12 to 57 inches and length ranges from 10 to 50 feet. The bed depth is about 3 inches. Dryer capacity is dependent only on retention time produced by speed of conveying, which generally ranges from 5 to 25 feet per minute.

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