Floor & Internal Building Cleaners [4]

A self-propelled bare floor cleaner is provided having a random motion generator which enhances the maneuverability of the bare floor cleaner. The random motion generator is rotatably attached to the frame of the cleaner and propels the cleaner across the floor in a random motion. This random motion facilitates cleaning of the floor by making the cleaner easier to manipulate. The random motion generator includes a hollow spherical shell. In the preferred embodiment, the hollow spherical shell houses a weighted motor assembly which is rotatably mounted on a center fixed axle which extends diametrically between the first and second hemispherical halves and is attached thereto. The weighted motor assembly is comprised of a motor housing and a power source, such as batteries or cells. A motor is housed within the motor housing and rotates the motor housing about the center fixed axle. The power source is mounted to one side of the motor housing to provide an unbalanced weight to the motor assembly relative to the fixed center. This unbalanced weight causes the random motion generator to roll across the floor in a random motion and, thus, the bare floor cleaner is also propelled across the floor in a random motion to facilitate cleaning of the floor.

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