Drum Mixer [1]

Drum Mixer’s are useful for some typical applications like biodiesel blending, solids mixing into liquid, re-suspending settled paint solids, coatings dispersions, chemicals and powders or simple chemical mixing prior to packaging to be used in the process of manufacturing. Drum Mixer’s mixing blades are mounted on the inside surface of the drum and as the drum rotates the blades mix by lifting and dropping the materials during each rotation. Once the materials are sufficiently mixed the rotation of the drum is reversed and the blade arrangement pushes the material through to the discharge end of the mixer. Drum mixer’s provide efficient mixing and leave very little build up within the mixer. Drum mixers are constructed with stainless steel including the motor, and all wetted parts polished and electro polished. The drum mixers are powered by pneumatic or electric motors and available in various sizes. These mixers are configured in such a manner that proper mixing and quality control of the end product is attained.

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  • Drum mixer
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