Dissolution Test Unit [13]

A dissolution test unit which utilizes a fixed base upon which is movably mounted a drive head. The fixed base which supports a plurality of flasks. Mounted within the drive head are a plurality of mixing paddles. The drive head is to be manually movable from the upper position to a lower position. In the lower position each mixing paddle to be located within a flask. Also mounted in the drive head is a plurality of sample tubes with a sample tube to be located in direct juxtaposition to a mixing paddle. Each sample tube is separately movable relative to the drive head. With the drive head in the upper position the mixing paddles are located spaced from their respective flasks. The weight of the drive head is counterbalanced by a counterbalancing weight assembly. A caliper type of braking arrangement is mounted on the drive head and when in the at-rest position the drive head is fixedly positioned relative to the base. Manual release of the braking arrangement will permit the drive head to be moved between the upper and lower positions relative to the base.

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