Disintegration Unit [14]

Disintegration apparatus comprising a housing which provides two chambers disposed side-by-side. In one chamber a chipping assembly receives larger pieces and reduces the same to chips which are fed into the adjoining chamber. In the adjoining chamber, a shredding assembly disintegrates the chips fed from the chipper along with any additional material which is fed directly into the chamber to a predetermined size. A feed chute is provided for feeding the larger pieces into the chipping chamber and a separate feed hopper is provided for feeding smaller pieces directly into the shredding chamber. A chipping assembly includes a rotary chipping disc having a radial slot which mounts a chipping knife. The material is confined in the chipping chamber by a peripheral wall which closely surrounds the disc. The shredding assembly comprises a plurality of rotary plates having pivotally mounted knives which swing freely through the material in the chamber as the plates are rotated. The size of the discharged material is determined by a screen which extends about a predetermined arc and an arcuate casing which continues around the plates, leaving a small opening through which the hopper may feed material into the chamber. A common sidewall separates the two chambers and the material from the chipping chamber is fed into the shredding chamber through a feed aperture in the sidewall.

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