Depyrogenation Tunnels [9]

Depyrogenation Tunnelís are programmed to automatically sterilize the glass containers like ampoules & vials having conveyorised transportation integration with automatic washing and filling lines on either side. Depyrogenating Tunnelís generate dry heat that provides complete sterilization than other automated or manual processes because it reaches all surfaces, including cooling coils, fan wheels, HEPA filters and the conveying system. Depyrogenating Tunnel has automatic gate that hermetically seals the tunnel exit when it is not in use, thus giving protection from chemical sterilizers used in the clean room or barrier isolator. Depyrogenating Tunnelís have upturned edges in the conveyor that move with the glassware to keep it tightly packed, with minimal friction between the glassware and the rails. This reduces breakage, scratching and the number of airborne particles. Depyrogenating Tunnelís have fully automated pressure system that adapts to fill room/ barrier isolator pressures ranging from 0.05 to 0.50 inches of water column. The system stays in balance despite changing pressures in the surrounding areas. Depyrogenating Tunnelís have No manual damper adjustments. In Depyrogenating Tunnelís, as vials move from the hot zone to the cool zone, they are subjected to significant thermal stress, which causes cracking or implosion. Depyrogenating Tunnelís linear cooling process reduces temperatures as quickly as possible, with reduced stress. Depyrogenating Tunnelís have Stainless Steel Constructed Frame (as per cGMP norms and all FDA requirements), with provision of Product Contact Parts in SS 316.

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