De-Blistering Machine [15]

De-Blistering Machines are designed to empty finished blisters which have been rejected from the packaging line because of empty pockets, poor seals, incorrect batch coding etc. The good products can then be re-packaged to increase yield and reduce wastage costs. De-Blistering Machines have the flexibility for lots of different blister materials and formats, including Peelable, paper-backed, heavy gauge alu/alu, circular formats etc. De-Blistering Machines are very gentle in operation – partially cuts the foil around pockets before pressing-out, which makes it suitable for fragile or valuable products. Foil remains attached to the waste blister pack during emptying then waste blisters and recovered product are collected separately. De-Blistering Machines improve employee Health & Safety by protecting staff from blisters on their fingers, Repetitive Strain Injury or Carpel Tunnel Syndrome injury. De-Blistering Machines are constructed in stainless steel and designed to cGMP standards for easy cleaning.

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