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Collating & Wrapping Machines are used to wrap a flexible packaging material, (e.g. paper, aluminum, plastic film), around a product or a group of products. Collating & Wrapping Machines are versatile machine for separating, counting and tight wrapping products and are used in many sectors like Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beuvrages, Cosmetics, Magnetic Industry, Stationery, Games, Tobacco and Confectionery for single items which can range from Inhaler Cartons, Liquid syrup cartons, Contact Lens cartons, micro slide cartons, Tablet Cartons, Perfumes cartons, Deodorants, Hair Dye cartons, Soaps, Detergents, Creams, Pastes, Toothpastes, Ear buds cartons, Refreshing tissues, Talcum Powder Audiocassettes, Video Cassettes, and Compact Disc Erasers, Cigarettes, cigars, Biscuits, Chocolates bars and cakes through to cheese and sausages. Collating & Wrapping Machines have integrated 4-sided ultrasonic sealing system that creates intricate patterns on the seals providing maximum protection and ensures the best presentation of products with high flexibility.

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