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 Chromatography Instruments And Accessories [48]

Modern chromatographic methods are instrumental techniques in which the optimal conditions for the separation are set and varied by electromechanical devices external to the column or layer. Separations are largely automated, with important features of the instrumentation being control of the flow and composition of the mobile phase, introduction of the sample onto the stationary phase, and on-line detection of the separated components. In column chromatography the sample components are detected in the presence of the mobile phase after they have exited the stationary phase. In thin-layer chromatography the sample components are detected in the presence of the stationary phase, resulting in different detection strategies.Instrument requirements differ by the needs of the method employed. Gas chromatography, for example, employs a mobile phase of constant composition at a few atmospheres of column inlet pressure and variation in the temperature of the column to effect a separation. Liquid chromatography uses a pump to select or vary the composition of the mobile phase with a high column inlet pressure (typically a few hundred atmospheres) and a constant temperature for the separation. These differences in optimized separation conditions result in different equipment configurations for each chromatographic method.

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