Carton Sealer [30]

Carton Sealers are robustly constructed to perfectly befit the demands of different industries. Carton Sealers are immensely used during Pharmaceutical box Packaging, chemical packaging, home appliances packaging, textile packaging and electrical appliances packaging. Carton Sealers are capable of taping the cartons on both top and bottom sides.carton sealers with top & bottom drive. The machines have top & bottom tape head for high level of functional accuracy. The tape tension, crank handle, leg height etc., are easily adjustable. The roller working table, optional and programmable heads, optional controller and electronic controls enhance the functional efficiency and maneuverability of the machine. Ideal for sealing and packing of cartons these are widely used in electrical appliance, foodstuffs, general merchandise, medicine and in several other industries industry. Carton sealer is ideal for carton packing used in textile, food, medicines, merchandise, home appliances, chemicals and so on. The machine adopts adhesive tape to seal carton, fast and economical and easily adjustable. The sealer can finish two sides of upper and down part ones a time. Mostly all these sealing done using cartoon sealer machines like random carton sealer.

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