Capsule Printing Machine [12]

Capsule Printing Machine is characterized for fast printing, high quality, and high adaptability, which is widely applied to axial printing on capsules and tablets that are of different specifications and types. Capsule Printing Machine is made of mirror finishing stainless steel and conforms to the GMP standards. Capsule Printing Machine is extensively used in the Industrial Sections producing capsules / tablets and suitable for printing on the different sizes of capsules (including some soft capsules) and tablets (including tablets with unusual shape). Capsule Printing Machine has Adjustable speed, Stable performance, Easy operation, Small physical size, Low noise, Gravure distracted printing, clear printing and high adaptability to different products. Capsule Printing Machines have high end models that are capable of printing characters, pictures and trademark in circumference of 270° degree. Because of the oriented & double-colour printing on capsule’s cap and body at one-time, the printed effects are more varied and colourful. These high end Capsule Printing Machines are operated conveniently by applying the advanced changeable frequency control systems which are perfectly fused with machines, electronics and aeromechanics making it perfect product printing for capsules. Automatic arithmometer system gives more conveniences for two colour printing and makes it more handsome.

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