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 Bottle / Volumetric Filling Machine [123]

Volumetric Filling Machines are designed for filling production lines of low, medium and (heavy viscosity products) high velocity ranges – Automatic / Semi – Automatic and Manual. Volumetric fillers are also most ideal for filling light liquid products at higher speeds. Volumetric Filling Machines are also capable of filling products ranging from water to heavy oils and creams. Volumetric Filling Machines are typical rotary machines for bottling of liquid food products with the production velocity range up to 20,000 units per hour. Volumetric Filling Machines can work with different types of bottles, such as glass or PET, using different types of caps ("snap-on" plastic, threaded aluminum, twist-off crown type, etc.). With Volumetric Filling Machines it is possible to fill different liquid products such as mineral water, carbonated soft drinks, beer. Volumetric Filling Machines can be also used to bottle vegetable oil using volumetric method. Volumetric Filling Machines include the modules such as rinsing, filling and capping and are put together using one common main drive. Volumetric Filling Machines are made up of pure steel and thus offers high resistance to rust and moisture.

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