Automatic Capsule Filling Machine / Encapsulation Equipments [53]

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is a fully automatic capsule filling machine with capsule orientation, opening of the capsule, powder filling, and automatically closing the capsules. Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is suitable for capsules from sizes #00 to #4 and can be fed with different types of powder, granules & pellets. Different filling weights can be adjustable without changing parts. Automatic Capsule Filling Machine can also be used to fill medicinal powder, health food, natural food, and complicated powder materials. There are Special purpose gauges provided for quick and easy change-over. Automatic Capsule Filling Machines have sensors that ensure continuous flow of powder and empty capsules for uninterrupted operation of the machine. Adjustable gap between 'Dosing Disk' and 'Tamping Plate' ensures minimum spillage of powder.

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