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 Analytical instruments [10]

A scientific instrument can be any type of equipment, machine, apparatus or device as is specifically designed, constructed and often, through trial and error, ingeniously refined to apply utmost efficiency in the utilization of some well proven physical principle, relationship or technology to facilitate or enable the pursuit, acquisition, transduction and storage of repeatable, verifiable data, usually consisting of sets numerical measurements made upon otherwise unknown, unproven quantities, properties, phenomena, materials, forces or etc., preferably as those characterized over time by an increasing degree of accuracy and precision and, typically, those initially derived as isolated or dependent variable results from, or empirical observations made during, the course of such experimental procedures as are firmly based upon the scientific method and long accepted tenants of experimental design.Scientific instruments are part of laboratory equipment, but are considered more sophisticated and more specialized than other measuring instruments as scales, meter sticks, chronometers, thermometers or even power or waveform generators.

Other Products

  • Modules
    Mettler-Toledo India Private Limited
    Salient Features - A complete thermal analysis system comprises four different techniques. - Each technique characterizes the sample in a particular way. - The combination of all the results simp ... more Visits: 487

  • Reaction Calorimeters
    Mettler-Toledo India Private Limited
    Salient Features - METTLER TOLEDO reaction calorimeters offer unparalleled performance and precision at lab and plant conditions , bringing chemical processes into production quickly and safely w ... more Visits: 372

  • Density Meter
    Mettler-Toledo India Private Limited
    Salient Features - A hollow glass tube vibrates at a certain frequency. - This frequency changes when the tube is filled with the sample: the higher the mass of the sample, the lower the frequenc ... more Visits: 450

  • ESR Accessories
    Spectrum Marketing
    Salient Features ESR Accessories ESR Accessories Comprises of Esrite Kit, Westergreen Tube, Disposable ESR Tube, Micro ESR Kit, Wintrobe Tube etc. AQRA Esrite KitComprises non-corroding ... more Visits: 574

  • Doublle Beam spectrophotometer
    FEATURESDouble Beam OpticsLarge 5 Inch Graphical DisplayAuto Wavelength SettingOn-Screen Cuve DisplayTungsten/Deuterium Lamp can be turned ON/OFF individually to Extend LifetimeApplication Software pr ... more Visits: 469

  • Flame Photometer
    FEATURESMicroprocessor Based with Printer InterfaceAuto Gas Cutoff (Model - 1385)Auto Flame Failure Detection (Model - 1385)Four Measurements in Single AspirationSetup Storage FacilitySample Data Stor ... more Visits: 460

  • Dissolution Test Appartus
    FEATURES8 Station (Model - 1918)6 Station (Model - 1916)Complies with USP, IP specificationsExtremely Useful for Pharmaceutical LabsHighly Accurate and Easy to OperateProgrammable Stirrer Speed Contro ... more Visits: 488

  • Analytical Instruments
    Toshvin Analytical Pvt. Ltd.
    Salient Features              - Versatile top-of-the-line PC based Thermal Analyzer system, suitable for Polymer, Food, Edible Oil, Pha ... more Visits: 446

  • Everflow Multiparameter Handheld Meter
    Everflow Scientific Instruments
    Salient Features - Water proof model with GLP, RS232, IrDA, Multiparameter display. - Can measure pH / mV / conductivity / TDS / Resistivity / Salinity / Dissolved Oxygen / C / F. - Simultane ... more Visits: 510

  • Automated Tablet Processing
    Sotax India (pvt) Ltd.
    Salient Fetures - TPW3 and APW3 are third generation products that have improved productivity for over 15 years.- They perform fully automated sample preparation and analysis for the most common ... more Visits: 443

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