Aluminum Cap Sealing [37]

Aluminium Cap Sealing Machines are for all types of applications, from simple bench top cap tightening applications to complete fully automatic plugging and capping operations. Aluminium Cap Sealing Machines are supplied with Change part gripping jaws to suit each cap size and are rubber lined to give excellent grip and avoid product damage. Aluminium Cap Sealing Machines can be integrated into an existing line or supplied as a self contained unit with in-feed, out-feed systems and conveyors. Electromagnetic Cap Sealing is a non-contact process of sealing ABS, PE (HDPE, LDPE), PET, PP, PS, PVC bottles with aluminium foil. This technology can be used on Plastic and Glass containers viz. Jars, Bottles, Bowls, Mugs and Cups Containing Liquids, Pastes, Granules or Powders for the Pharma, Foods, Drugs, Beverages, Household, Cosmetics, Oils and Chemicals Industry. Induction Cap Sealing ensures product integrity for Purity Retention, Reliable Sealing, Secure Packaging, Hermetic Sealing, Leak Proofing and Easy Peel Off with a better shelf life and Protection from Environment. Barrier properties for product freshness are achieved. Tamper evidence, infestation, contamination and pilfer resistance are also accounted for.

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